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One-Stop Services

One-stop Services:   Machining:  
In order to provide the customers with one-stop services, Longxiang also has fabrication abilities in metal stamping, drawing, machining and rubber compression etc. fields.


Capability Material Involved Finish Product Field Remark
Machining Steel,Brass,


POM,Nylon etc.

Electroplating, Painting, Powdering,

Electrophoresis etc.

Brass Insert for plastic molding and spare parts for machines etc. Milling, Turning, Grinding, Welding, Drilling by CNC and manual machines
Metal Stamping & Drawing M.S, S.S, Brass, Aluminum etc. Electroplating, Painting, Powdering,

Electrophoresis, EMC coating etc.

EMC Shell, Auto. Product, Home Product etc. Stamping, Drawing, Welding, Riveting etc.
Rubber Compression EPDM, silica gel, NBR, Buna etc. N/A Waterproof O-ring, Gasket etc., Auto. Product, Home Product etc. Just compression

Metal Satmping & Drawing:

Rubber Compression

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